Flora’s Quest - Carp

The large number of carp are one of the few freshwater species in the lake. As there is no food competition from other species and a menu of shrimp and other food sources makes Koycegiz an ideal habitat. You can find here wild common carp, mirrors and leather carp.

You can catch these day and night in front of the hotel and other secluded bays and plateaus which are dotted around the lake and accessed by boat or 4 wheel drive. Some of these remain un fished and are waiting to show their potential with pre baiting. As bait goes maize is number one because of the large expanse of water it is impossible to gauge an accurate stock density.

The biggest carp caught so far is over 68Lb but many 40Lb+ fish have also been caught with many undoubtibly still to come. Fishing licences and permits are given through hotel Flora and arranged prior to fishing.